When Taryn McLean was a little girl he would dress up in his father’s military uniform and play soldier with his cousins.

He has always had a deep-seeded desire to serve his country – one which lead him to join the Navy. 
However, when McLean decided to start his gender transition, he put in a voluntary separation package to leave the Navy and made clear his intent.
“It was either staying in and being unhappy or transitioning and running the risk of possibly getting kicked out,” said McLean. “So I just put in a voluntary separation package myself.”
McLean said after the package was reviewed, it was determined that the transition would not affect his work.
The separation was denied. 
This began his long struggle with becoming a man in profession where it was illegal to do so.
But on June 30, 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced effective immediately transgender service members can openly serve. 
Now McLean can finally complete his transition with confidence and get on with his life in the Navy as a man.
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