Bonnie Shoultz, the Buddhist chaplain at Syracuse University, welcomes students to the campus interfaith chapel during freshman orientation.
Robert Lemp spends much of his time searching for coins using a metal detector in places like Thorndon Park, Syracuse, NY. Lemp is one of 16,100 unemployed people in the city of Syracuse.
When military photojournalism students attending Syracuse University graduate, their portraits are hung on the wall of the military lounge. Gus Castillo hasn't graduated yet, but he is already making a space for himself on the wall.
Grandma Jo
Pappy Chuck
My wife, Christel, in our living room
A lonley Christmas
My son, Oscar, decided to plop down in some pretty light.
Alissa Murphy, 11, won a prize playing the weight, age and birthday guessing game at the New York State Fair – she chose a cowboy hat.
My buddy, Abe, was sick of modeling for me when I caught this picture of him trying to sooth his headache.
Howie Hawkins, a Green Pary member in Syracuse, N.Y., has run for public office and lost 22 consecutive times.
Abe is a simple man. All he needs to be happy is a comfortable chair, his dog and a cold beer.
Roidan Carlson grew this epic 'stache for No-shave November. What you see is the culmination of one month's growth.
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