A Waterman's Life

These photos were taken during the 2012 Worldwide MIlitary Photographer's Workshop. The set shows Capt. Bob and his crew Serg and Kyle out on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers that feed it making a living off catfish and Maryland blue crab.
Sergio Leyva, right; Kyle Snyder, left; and Bob Evans move to a new catfish pot aboard their skiff on the Patuxent River June 5, 2012. The waterman pulled in about 2,500 lbs. of catfish from their nets. 
Bob Evans is a waterman in the Chesapeake Bay area. He helped found the Waterman’s Association and is president of the regional chapter. 
A Maryland Blue Crab tries to escape from a basket aboard the Tempest June 6, 2012. Bob Evans is captain of the Tempest and was awarded the Highliner award in 2010 in recognition of his contributions to the fishing community.
Bob Evans watches over his crewmember as he moves catfish into a live trough on the Patuxant river June 5, 2012.
Sergio Leyva moves catfish from a fyke net on the Patuxent River June 5, 2012.
Capt. Bob Evans's crabbing boat, the Tempest, sits at a dock in Parish Creek, Md., June 6, 2012.
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